Overview: 4. Thermostatic valves


4.1 Standard thermostatic valves with fixed Cv-values

Standard thermostatic valve, with fixed Cv-value, body made of gunmetal/ brass, nickel-plated, PN 10, max. temperature 120°C, with M30x1.5 mm threaded connection, valve spindle with two O-rings, sealing element is maintenance- free, with assembly cap, value insert without draining system interchangeable at operating pressure with a assembly device. Vmax-thermostatic-valves for large flow rates (e.g. one- […]



4.2 Vario thermostatic valves with presetting for radiators

4.2. Vario thermostatic valves with presetting, PN 10, max. temperature120°C, with M 30 x 1,5 mm threaded connection, low-noise operation, it can be preset smoothly with presetting key. Body made of gunmetal/brass, nickel-plated. Valve spindle sealed by two O-rings for maintenance free sealing, valve insert replaceable without draining off the system under operating pressure with […]


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4.3 Thermostatic valves with presetting and measuring technique

VarioQ – Thermostatic valves with presetting and measuring device VarioQ thermostatic valve, direct adjustable with a calibrated measuring orifice for the measuring of volume flow with a measuring device. Valve spindle sealed by two O-rings, it is possible to clean the seat or change the insert without draining off the system with an installation device, […]



4.4 Vario thermostatic-double connection fittings

Vario thermostatic-double connection fittings, for radiators with middle connection for double pipesystem, it can be preset smoothly with presetting key, body made of brass, nickel- plated, PN 10, max. temperature 120°C. Valve spindle sealed by two O-rings, low noise, threaded connection M 30 x 1.5 mm, shut-off valve made of brass, connections on pipe side […]



4.5 Vario-DP PICV Radiator Valve

Pressure Independent Automatic Balance and Control Thermostatic Valve. The patented dynamic valve insert with capsule control diaphragm, automatically limits and maintains the flow rate of water, independent of pressure fluctuations in the heating system. Consequently, irrespective of how many other valves are opened or closed in the system, the Vario-DP will always provide the pre-set […]