Overview: 7. Ball valve


7.1 Drain and Ball valve

Inflating and discharging valves, ball valves 5306, inflating and discharging, body made of red brass, PN 10/16, max. temperature 135°C, with assembly cap for socket key, spindle and hose fitting, O- ring seal, on the one hand cap with clip, on the other hand conical seal weld screw, inside fitting an cap made of brass. […]



7.2 SmartKombi 6-Port-Valve

The SmartKombi 6-port valve is a special ball valve, to be installed in a 4-pipe or two-pipe changeover system (e.g. chilled beams). A single valve and actuator replace four valves and four actuators. That means three data points including installation and setup are saved. SmartKombi ensures leakage-free separation of heating and cooling system. This prevents […]