Technische Neuerungen und Weiterentwicklungen

Unser Unternehmen entwickelt die neusten ….!


  • Vario-DP-Pressure-Independent-Radiator-Valve

    4.5 Vario-DP PICV Radiator Valve

    Pressure Independent Automatic Balance and Control Thermostatic Valve. The patented dynamic valve insert with capsule control diaphragm, automatically limits and maintains the flow rate of water, independent of pressure fluctuations in the heating system. Consequently, irrespective of how many other valves are opened or closed in the system, the Vario-DP will always provide the pre-set […]


  • 7_2_SmartKombi_6-Port-Valve

    7.2 SmartKombi 6-Port-Valve

    The SmartKombi 6-port valve is a special ball valve, to be installed in a 4-pipe or two-pipe changeover system (e.g. chilled beams). A single valve and actuator replace four valves and four actuators. That means three data points including installation and setup are saved. SmartKombi ensures leakage-free separation of heating and cooling system. This prevents […]