Product Overview

-> 1. Thermostatic control head

  • 1_Thermostatic-Heads

    1 Thermostatic Heads

    Thermostatic control head with liquid-filled sensor and M 30 x 1.5 threaded connection Thermostatic control head 320 KH, with liquid sensor, with threaded connection M30x1,5 , CEN-certified and DIN EN 215-1 checked, for Gampper – model KH and valve inserts for radiators with integrated distributor with valve insert M30x1,5* , adjustment range is terminable and […]


-> 2. Electro-thermal actuator

  • 2.Electrical-actuator

    2 Electrical actuator

    Electrical actuator for standard, Vario and Vario Q Standard pulse SP Eco, electrothermal actuator with position indicator, 1m cable connection and sleeve nut for direct connection on the valve or valve cover. Construction currentless close, optional 24V or 230V version, for valves with M30 x 1.5 mm threaded connection. Two-point-actuator 24 V electroless closed Two-point-actuator […]


-> 3. Room thermostats

  • Room-thermostats

    3 Room thermostats

    Standard-control-room thermostats SC HC, special room temperature regulator for triggering of 24 V valve actuators for ceil cooling and radiator regulations. The regulator has a seperate heating and cooling stage as well as two dew sensors for the switching off or cooling during dewfall and an adjustable neutral zone from 0.5 K to 8.5 K. […]


-> 4. Thermostatic valves

  • 4.1-Standard-thermostatic-valve-with-fixed-Cv-values

    4.1 Standard thermostatic valves with fixed Cv-values

    Standard thermostatic valve, with fixed Cv-value, body made of gunmetal/ brass, nickel-plated, PN 10, max. temperature 120°C, with M30x1.5 mm threaded connection, valve spindle with two O-rings, sealing element is maintenance- free, with assembly cap, value insert without draining system interchangeable at operating pressure with a assembly device. Vmax-thermostatic-valves for large flow rates (e.g. one- […]


  • Vario-thermostatic

    4.2 Vario thermostatic valves with presetting for radiators

    4.2. Vario thermostatic valves with presetting, PN 10, max. temperature120°C, with M 30 x 1,5 mm threaded connection, low-noise operation, it can be preset smoothly with presetting key. Body made of gunmetal/brass, nickel-plated. Valve spindle sealed by two O-rings for maintenance free sealing, valve insert replaceable without draining off the system under operating pressure with […]


  • Messgerät 1

    4.3 Thermostatic valves with presetting and measuring technique

    VarioQ – Thermostatic valves with presetting and measuring device VarioQ thermostatic valve, direct adjustable with a calibrated measuring orifice for the measuring of volume flow with a measuring device. Valve spindle sealed by two O-rings, it is possible to clean the seat or change the insert without draining off the system with an installation device, […]


  • 4.4-Vario-thermostatic-double-connection_fittings

    4.4 Vario thermostatic-double connection fittings

    Vario thermostatic-double connection fittings, for radiators with middle connection for double pipesystem, it can be preset smoothly with presetting key, body made of brass, nickel- plated, PN 10, max. temperature 120°C. Valve spindle sealed by two O-rings, low noise, threaded connection M 30 x 1.5 mm, shut-off valve made of brass, connections on pipe side […]


  • Vario-DP-Pressure-Independent-Radiator-Valve

    4.5 Vario-DP PICV Radiator Valve

    Pressure Independent Automatic Balance and Control Thermostatic Valve. The patented dynamic valve insert with capsule control diaphragm, automatically limits and maintains the flow rate of water, independent of pressure fluctuations in the heating system. Consequently, irrespective of how many other valves are opened or closed in the system, the Vario-DP will always provide the pre-set […]


-> 5. Radiator lockshield valves

  • 5.1-Lockshield-balancing-and-draining-valves

    5.1 Lockshield balancing and draining valves

    Construction 456, connection fittings with cleanout, shutoff and adjustment, pre-adjustment and independent emptying, body of red brass, nickel- planted, PN 10, max. temperature 120°C, with locking cap, adjustable with flow rate diagram, inflating and discharging device for ½“ hose connection. 456 S for small flow rates, (fine adjustment) 456 M for middel flow rates, (Standardconstruction) […]


  • 5.2-Lockshield-balancing-and-draining-valves

    5.2 Lockshield balancing and draining valves

    454 Q with measuring device, measurable, shut off and discharging connection fittings DIN 3842 to measure the flow rate direct on the fitting with Gampper- measuring device. The measurement is carried out to a calibrated measuring orifice, body of red brass DIN 1705, nickel- planted, with assambly cap, inflating and discharging device for ½“ hose […]


-> 6. Double connection fittings

  • 6.1-Vario-double-connection-fittings-for-radiators

    6.1 Vario-double connection fittings for radiators

    Vario-double connection, for two pipe system with 2 spindles for shut off and adjusting the water amount according to a diagram, with discharging, body made of brass, nickel- plated, PN 10, max. temperature 120°C, for connection to compact valve radiators, inflating and discharging device for ½“ hose connection. Contruction for radiators with integrated valve, with […]


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    6.2 VarioQ-double connection fittings for radiators with measuring device

    VarioQ–double connection fittings, for two pipe system, with a calibrated measuring orifrice for the measuring of volume flow with a Gampper measuring device, for connection to radiators with 50mm center distance, body made of brass, nickel- plated, PN 10, max. temperature 120°C, with inflating and discharging. Construction for radiators with 3/4″Euro taper VarioQ-Kombi S for […]


-> 7. Ball valve

  • 7.1-Drain-and-Ball-valve

    7.1 Drain and Ball valve

    Inflating and discharging valves, ball valves 5306, inflating and discharging, body made of red brass, PN 10/16, max. temperature 135°C, with assembly cap for socket key, spindle and hose fitting, O- ring seal, on the one hand cap with clip, on the other hand conical seal weld screw, inside fitting an cap made of brass. […]


  • 7_2_SmartKombi_6-Port-Valve

    7.2 SmartKombi 6-Port-Valve

    The SmartKombi 6-port valve is a special ball valve, to be installed in a 4-pipe or two-pipe changeover system (e.g. chilled beams). A single valve and actuator replace four valves and four actuators. That means three data points including installation and setup are saved. SmartKombi ensures leakage-free separation of heating and cooling system. This prevents […]


-> 8. Balancing valves

  • 8-Balancing-valves-with-measuring-device

    8 Balancing valves with measuring device

    Vanitus Eco, measuring and threaded valve, in straightway form, shut off function, drainable, direct preadjustable, with a fixed calibrated measuring orifice, for the measuring of colume flow with Gampper measuring device, body made of gunmetal, nickel-plated, PN 16, max. temperature 120°C, with retrofitting options for sontrol valve. Construction SConstruction M Construction LConstruction Lmax Construction BG […]


-> 9. Steel Distributor

  • Steel-Distributor-weiss

    9 Steel Distributor

    Steel distributor with integrated valves in the flow and return for floor heating circuit connection Flow distributor made of stainless steel (1.4301) with integrated regulating inserts, with nickel-plated nipples with 3/4” male threaded connections acc. to DIN V 3838 Eurocone for Gampper compression fittings, with nickel plated collar nut 1”, flat-sealing, for the direct connection […]