3 Room thermostats

Standard-control-room thermostats SC HC,

special room temperature regulator for triggering of 24 V valve actuators for ceil cooling and radiator regulations. The regulator has a seperate heating and cooling stage as well as two dew sensors for the switching off or cooling during dewfall and an adjustable neutral zone from 0.5 K to 8.5 K. the device consists of a visually elegant white plastic.

Application field

The temperature regulator is preferably conceived for the control of climate or ceil cooling. The application extends on ceil cooling in connection with other heating systems as well as on climate systems (heating and cooling) like 4-pipe-device. For the application in climate blankets like 2-pipe-device for the switching from heating to cooling. The regulator has a seperate heating and cooling stage as well as two dew sensors for switching off of the cooling during dewfall.

Mode of operation

With the control knob the desired nominal temperature will be adjusted. If the room temperature exceeds the adjusted nominal value, the heating is switched off. The heating is swichted on again while remaining under the adjusted set point. If the room temperature rises further despite switched-off heating, then the regulator switches the cooling on after exceeding the adjustable neutral zone. The neutral zone is adjustable in the area from 0.5 K to 0.8 K. (The regulator is adjusted on 2 K when supplied ex works). While remaining under the oriented set point plus the neutral zone, the cooling becomes switched- off.

The regulator has in addition two external humidity sensors. Thereby, a sweating water formation is prevented. The cooling switches off while the apperande of dewfall despite increasing room temperature. This condition is shown by flashing of LED. The switching stages “heating“ or “cooling“ are also shown by LED.

Technical details