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7.2 SmartKombi 6-Port-Valve

The SmartKombi 6-port valve is a special ball valve, to be installed in a 4-pipe or two-pipe changeover system (e.g. chilled beams). A single valve and actuator replace four valves and four actuators. That means three data points including installation and setup are saved. SmartKombi ensures leakage-free separation of heating and cooling system. This prevents mixture of temperatures and pressure overflow between cooling and heating system. Preassembled optional SmartSets, for static or dynamic balancing, with integrated locking and draining functionality, actuators 24V 0-10V, 24V 0-10V Modbus and 2/3-point floating signal are available.

SmartKombi 6-port valve
Gampper SmartKombi 6-port valve

SmartSet Vanitus Eco (static balancing): 6-port valve, adjustable, measurable, lockable, drainable


SmartSet VarioE (dynamic balancing): 6-port valve, adjustable, measurable, lockable, drainable.


SmartKombi 6-port valve, to switch between cooling and heating in a 4-pipe or changeover system. Adjustable by optional fixed orifices, mounting hole for threaded rod. Housing is made of high-quality brass, nickel-plated, PN 16, max. temperature from -6 C° to 80°C, PN 16.

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