The Company


Gampper was founded in 1897 in Germany by Otto Gampper and began as a sawmill located close to a river which was used to supply the power. Additionally the river was used to produce turned components on automatic lathes.

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At the beginning of this century the company was managed by his three sons, but each of them went their separate ways. One of them began producing yardsticks made from wood, one manufactured corner valves for toilet cisterns and toilet flushers. The eldest son Otto retained his fathers company.

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In 1934 Otto started production of radiator valves; his aim to supply high quality valves to meet his customers requirements. Initially Gampper valves were produced from castings supplied by other companies, but investment in a foundry enabled Gampper to manufacture it´s entire range of products which included draining valves and various types of radiator valve.

In 1963 Otto Gampper jun., the next generation took the footsteps of his father.

In the early 70ties the German market demanded Thermostatic Valves (TRV) and Gampper developed a range of high quality valves to meet this need.

Since 1990 the fourth generation is producing Gampper Valves.

Today the Valves are manufactured using CNC lathes, milling machines and PPS transfer units to ensure consistent high quality. State of the art CAD systems are utilised in the research and development department which is constantly working on new design.

Since 2013 Gampper is a subcompany of Afriso Euro Index, an innovative, medium sized company with a total staff of more than 1000 worldwide.

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Gampper Thermostatic valves meets the stringent requirements of the European Standard E215 and for this reason Gampper Valves are sold throughout Europe, China and to the USA.